All You Need To Know About Fish And Chips

Fish and chips are around since a very long time and though it was a dish originated from the land of Britain, it is popular all over the world. It started from Great Britain in the mid-1800s. Since then, fish and chips have become a cliche especially when it is wrapped in a newspaper.

However, now you can enjoy this sumptuous meal in any place all around the world and especially in the coastal regions of the world like Australia. Once you are in Australia, just type fish and chips near me and you will get the finest list of places near the coastal region of Sandgate. The fish is lightly battered and fried in deep oil to give a golden brown look and comes loaded with various nutrients.

Enjoying It In Australia

When you have found the places to eat in Sandgate, there are some food joints where you will not find the fish and chips an overindulging menu. However, at the same time, the light recipe will leave you asking for more. Most of these joints offer the freshest of local seafood like crabs, prawns, sea scallops and much more.

The cooking is also done in healthy and tasty rice bran oil so it enhances the taste of the dish you have ordered. Enjoy the gluten free fish and chips that anyone can enjoy.

Some, of the more health benefits of having fish and chips from Sandgate are,


Fish are rich in omega-3, fatty acids and lots of antioxidants. So it is a good habit to eat fish three to four times a day. At the same time, fish is also an important part of balanced diet and the health benefits are as follows,

  • Fish is known to reduce cholesterol and promote heart health. The presence of omega-3 oils makes all these possible, keeping heart problems at bay.
  • Fish contains essential nutrients like phosphorous, selenium and iron.
  • The high in Vitamin D3 content in fish help to prevent diabetes and certain types of cancer.
  • The nutrient Vitamin D3 protects and enriches the bone, muscles and nervous system.

Chips And The Potatoes

This humble spud is something, which you will feel good to enjoy. The health benefits are given below,

  • It contains almost no fat and is also low in calorie. A potato has almost 77 Calorie per 100 grams.
  • Provides the body with its daily intake of Vitamin C and unknown to many, it is also a rich source of fibre.

Thus, you know why you must try Fish and Chips while in Sandgate as they are something more than taste; it is also about nutrients too.

The Option For Gluten Free

The gluten free option is an added benefit when you are trying out the fish and chips from Sandgate. The gluten intolerant can now enjoy the fish and chips like the gluten tolerant people.